Charter without a license

Charter without a license
According to the applicable regulations, no license is required to drive a motorboat moving at the speed
of up to 15 km/h. We offer a charter of comfortable and fully equipped motor boats without the necessity
to present a license.

You can choose from a wide range of modern yachts. The houseboats presented in our offer have 6-8 comfortable bunks,
depending on the selected model. The majority of yachts have locked bow and stern bunks. Each yacht chartered without
a license has a spacious mess and is equipped with a gas cooker, fridge and sink. Some of the yachts are additionally equipped
with a microwave oven. In the cupboards you will find everything necessary to prepare and serve the meals
(pots, frying pan, bowls, set of dishes and cutlery). Each yacht has a toilet cabin with a sink, current water and a lavatory.
Most of them are also equipped with a shower.


When chartering a motor yacht without a license, you do not need to know how to steer the yacht.
However, you should prepare yourself for the cruise by watching our video material.   


To find out more, please visit our YouTube channel.
Each crew will be provided with a short training on how to steer the yacht.
We don't want the training to be purely theoretical, so we will take you for a several-minute voyage.
During this time, we will tell you how to use the thruster and how to approach and depart from the quay.
We will also teach you other skills necessary during the cruise. 


The majority of our motor yachts have bike holders, so you can take your bikes aboard, if you like.
It is a great way to combine leisure on the yacht with cycle tours through the Masurian forests and trails. 
For more details on yacht charter, see our offer. If you cannot decide what to choose, write to us
and we will help you make a choice and select the vessel tailored to your needs. Contact us!


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