Frequently asked questions

Can I seek your assistance in case of any problems with the chartered yacht?
Of course, you can contact us on the phone. The majority of problems can be solved over the phone.
In case of more serious failures, we will arrive to repair the yacht. 

Can you charge an additional fee for cleaning the yacht?
Usually each crew tidy up after themselves. We expect to receive the yacht in the same condition
in which you hired it. You can also leave the cleaning work to our staff at the cost is PLN 50.
A charge for emptying the chemical toilet is also PLN 50, marine toilet PLN 100.

Do I need to pay a deposit to hire a yacht?
Yes, we require a deposit in the amount from PLN 600 - 1000 payable before the cruise.

Are there any discounts for yacht charter?
Our prices are competitive, however they can be even more attractive.
You can get a discount if you charter a boat for at least two weeks or have previously
used our services. Additionally, you can follow information about the first and last minute
offers available on our website and on our Facebook site.

What time do I need to return the yacht? 
Yachts should be returned before midday. They are given out starting from 4.00 pm.
This is a general rule we must follow to be able to prepare the yacht for the next crew right on time.
However, we can also make individual arrangements.
Will we receive any fuel?
Yes, each boat is equipped with a 5 litre canister.

What is the amount of the advance payment and when do I have to make the payment?
The amount of the advance payment is 30 percent of the total cost of the charter.
The payment should be made after receiving a confirmation about the available dates.
Only after making the payment can you be sure that the yacht will be waiting for you.
The remaining amount will be settled in the port after collection of the yacht.
We accept payments in Euro at the current exchange rate.

I would like to sail together with my wife, but I don't feel up to steering a yacht on my own.
Obviously, anyone who hasn't sailed for a long time or has no license to steer a yacht,
can be assisted by one of our steersmen. We know a few reliable, competent steersmen,
so if you need one, please inform us in advance and we will surely recommend someone.

Are there any life jackets, cutlery, bed clothes?
Each yacht is equipped with a set of life jackets. If you take small children, we will provide
smaller size life jackets. The kitchen is equipped with everything you may need, including pots,
bowls, cutlery and plates. Bed clothes/sleeping bags should be arranged on your own.
You can also order a set of bed clothes (sheet, quilt, pillow) for the price of PLN 50.
Please order the bed clothes when booking the yacht.

I cannot imagine a holiday without my dog. Can I take my dog aboard?
Yes, we don't mind your taking pets on the yacht. However you should check in advance
how your dog will react to water. For many animals, it is a very stressful experience. 
It is necessary to provide your dog with a life jacket.
Where can I find a safe place to park my car?
200 meters away from the port there is a guarded car park – the price is PLN 10 per night.

Is the yacht insured?
Yes, the cost of insurance of the yacht and its crew is included in the charter price.



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